Hawkers Company Thrives in the Sunglasses fashion Business

June 11, 2021 0 Comments

Hawkers as a company made its name and sells on social media platforms, that at some point the demand become overwhelming compared to the supply. However, just like most businesses the company got into trouble up to the risk of bankruptcy. With the situation at that time, an angel investor by the name of Alejandro Betancourt helped the company to stay afloat by investing in it.

The collaboration which happened in mid the year 2015, saw the company get funding of up to $56 million. Alejandro Betancourt took administrative control of the company and made considerable changes that took the company to another level. The changes included the installation of a new CEO Nacho Puig who is an experienced group leader to help with the running of the company.

The changes brought about the expansion of the companies outreach throughout North America, Europe, and Asia with significant growth of Hawker’s online presence.

With the company being in troubles during its early stages, the investment and involvement of Alejandro Betancourt at that stage gave him the opportunity and upper hand that helped him in molding the image brand of the company together with its operational strategies and setting them into a successful path, before it had the opportunity of making substantial mistakes.

As an entrepreneur with a clean track record in business growth, his capitalizing on the growth explosion brought about collaborations with several fashion brands that were on the same line with Hawkers vision.

His success rate with the company is attributed to his strategy of targeting college students. Alejandro Betancourt become the majority shareholder of the company in early 2018, where he deepened on his role and eventually becoming the company’s president a few months later. With his involvement in the company, the company has bloomed into becoming one of the biggest manufactures and sellers of sunglasses. Go Here for related Information.