Ombori Taking Over the Global Innovation Atmosphere Under Andreas Hassellof

June 3, 2021 0 Comments

Andreas Hassellof can easily pass as Sweden’s best innovator. As the founder of Ombori, his presence is relevant in Sweden’s innovation sphere and worldwide. Despite Sweden being regarded as a small country, it also counts as among the most innovation-savvy countries. The country has become headquarters to a majority of thriving innovators like Andreas. Sweden has evidence of having a platform for its innovators. Statistics show that the telecommunications and IT sector are employers to 80.7% of those working in Sweden. The country has made it possible for this to be achievable through the creation of healthy competition platforms.

About Ombori

The company can best be defined as a retail technology company whose growth is on a constant rise. Founded in 2015, the company has had its breakthrough in recent times because of its queue management system. The brain behind this technology which has taken the world by storm, is Andreas Hassellof. His biggest motivation and intention of bringing this system to life is to develop a system that could give customers a great shopping experience. The company, therefore, is not out to get rid of the traditional customer experience but rather to improve it.

The queue management system is known as the Ombori Grid. Through the Grid, Andreas has made sure that he creates an environment in which, through digital tools in a physical space, customers get to have the best experience.The grid has become very popular with many retail stores. Still, as much as the technology has worked best for these stores, several organizations also can choose to use the Grid to create smart spaces that offer customer management systems.

Sweden has a culture of growing its innovators; this has given CEO Andreas Hasselof a chance to achieve constant growth in his company. Even with Sweden having several companies running its innovation sphere, Andreas’ company has done well for itself.