Ombori Grid, the Powerhouse of Retail Technology by CEO Andreas Hassellof

July 13, 2021 0 Comments

Advancement in technology is sky-rocketing the entrepreneurship space and economy on a global scale. Innovative minds among various nations are bringing in competitions and unique products in the business. Standing out as among the fastest-growing nations and yet having the smallest population in Sweden. This Scandinavian country has seen a spur up of investments, innovations and businesses worth billions of dollars.

One such wave setter is Andreas Hassellof, the CEO and founder of Ombori. This firm has taken an interest in developing interesting tools in service provision through technology. With Sweden’s economy being pivoted with the retail, manufacturing, and telecommunication industries, it’s reasonable to see why the company took part in service and tech. Some of Sweden’s powerhouses are Ericsson, Volvo, H&M, Ikea, Spotify technologies and Mojang, which came first in listing Sweden as a global space.

With staunch commitment from industry giants through venture funding has seen an incredible rise in innovations and businesses. Government support has also come in handy with good taxation systems, education structure and social consumer sensitization. Andreas Hassellof developed Ombori Grid to revolutionize organizational customer experiences. This Grid has culminated in insightful solutions that are re-imagining retail shopping through augmented reality tools in physical spaces.

Andreas Hassellof has seen the firm in creating smart stores for firms that consolidate client queue management systems. This solution that Ombori Grid is providing has seen a win-win for both the companies and their customers. Companies can provide efficient platforms that have led to incredible sales growth, whereas customers can relate and build brand loyalty with these firms. The company Grid’s presence has partnered with many retailers locally and internationally with brands such as H&M, Dufry, Lindt, Ikea, and Target Australia.

Andreas Hassellof’s mission on diversifying Ombori’s portfolio is by digging into malls and airports. With its roots around Stockholm, Sweden, Ombori Grid, formally known as Ombori, is looking forward to riding this new retail technological wave.