Former SEC Expert Reviews Online Trading Academy

July 4, 2021 0 Comments

Upon review of the Online Training Academy’s (OTA) course materials, virtual classes, extended online sessions and trading platforms, Dr. Jeffery H. Harris, economist, suggests the OTA provides the much-needed financial market education that is currently lacking in today’s everyday life skills. In regards to financial education, he states there appears to be limited exposure to the larger population looking to invest and trade, in which the OTA provides. He states the materials and courses offered by the OTA utilize sound theories and are comparable with both undergraduate and graduate level educational programs. He also mentions how valuable the OTA’s resources are to the individual investor looking to manage their own accounts, by giving them the confidence needed to venture into the markets.

Harris (2021) is excited about the new all-in-one technology used by the OTA to enhance financial analyses. One of their trading resources, Clik, is a stand-out and appears to guide the user to follow specific guidelines and make appropriate moves when structuring and designing investment opportunities, while maintaining risk management of individual portfolios, by flagging those that fall outside of perimeters. He suggests the simplicity of OTA’s Clik program efficiently builds the user’s confidence, in comparison to the trading resources used by finance majors and professional traders on Wall Street. His overall response to the OTA’s financial education resources appear to be enthusiastic and hopeful in the desire to educate the masses.

Harris currently sits as Gary D. Cohn Goldman Sachs Chair in Finance at the American University Kogod School of Business.

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